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From the outset, the Biden administration has clearly prioritized the threat of “white extremism,” citing it as the most important and pressing homeland security issue. For example, in June the White House issued a National Strategy to Counter Domestic Terrorism, which defines the “two deadliest elements of today’s domestic terrorism threat” as: (1) Racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists fighting for supremacy pro-white, and (2) violent extremists who oppose government or authority, such as B. violent militiamen”.

This, of course, was a cause for concern as the often humble “Central American” Trump voters were increasingly being associated with “terrorism” by the mainstream media and public discourse — particularly in light of the Jan. 6 events, which also included some leading Republicans began to describe it as a “terrorist attack”. Prominent liberal pundits, for example at MSNBC and other networks, began to claim that January 6th was “worse than 9/11”.

Now the Biden administration is poised to give the Justice Department more clout in fighting this perceived #1 threat to the nation by creating a new task force to deal with what is broadly defined as “domestic terrorism.” is defined – no matter how loosely the term is used in Washington.

“The Justice Department is establishing a special unit to deal with domestic terrorism, the top official at the Department of National Security told lawmakers Tuesday as he described an increased threat from violent extremists in the United States,” the Associated Press reports Tuesday .

The unit is being said to be necessary to deal with “more than doubling” the number of suspected violent extremism cases that have surfaced since the spring of 2020, Deputy Attorney General Matthew Olsen testifying before Congress this week.

“We see a growing threat from individuals who are racially motivated, as well as individuals who subscribe to extremist, anti-government and anti-authoritarian ideologies,” Olsen said.

The domestic terrorism unit is also necessary to “complement our existing approach” — although the DOJ already has a counter-terrorism division within the Department of National Security, and such cases have long been handled by FBI units as well.


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