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While many legacy retailers are working on expanding their e-commerce footprint, Amazon continues doing just the opposite.

In addition to Whole Foods, the e-commerce behemoth is actually in the midst of opening its first in-person clothing store, according to a report by USA Today

The name of the store is going to be “Amazon Style” and it will sell both women’s and men’s clothes, according to the report. An opening is planned for “later this year” at The Americana at Brand, a Los Angeles shopping complex in Glendale, California.

Simoina Vasen, Amazon Style managing director commented: “We believe our unique store design, our advanced technology and thoughtful curation will make it easier than ever for customers to have an inspiring, convenient, enjoyable and ultimately successful shopping experience.”

It’s time for other retailers to “worry”, according to Neil Saunders, managing director of research firm GlobalData. He told USA Today that if Amazon’s stores are successful that it could become “a presence in malls and locations where traditional retailers have reigned supreme.”

Saunders continued: “With its new venture, Amazon will be testing whether it can widen its customer base, carve out more of a name for itself in fashion, and learn more about shopper behavior. Like most things Amazon does, this is an experiment and may, or may not be, one that is rolled out on a national basis.”

And of course, Amazon’s app is going to be critical to shopping at its stores. The stores plan on only displaying one of every item and keeping all sizes in the back of the house, not unlike Ikea’s model for furniture. 

“This allows us to offer more selection without requiring customers to sift through racks to find the right color, size and fit,” Vasen continued.

The app is used during the shopping experience to scan QR codes from items and to add them to a checkout list. It is also used to add items to physical fitting rooms, to try them on. 



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