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Pending a trial before the International Criminal Court, TCW Defending Freedom provides a practical cut-and-keep guide for those in the UK establishment who have promoted and implemented destructive public health policies since March 2019.

accused: Politicians, journalists, medical professionals, clergy, pharmaceutical industry executives, union officials and others.

ask: Why did you support policies that would surely result in the premature deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and the indiscriminate use of experimental gene therapy?

The answer is suitable for all defendants: I was told that a deadly virus was sweeping the planet, and the WEF/my cheerleaders/unions/editors/the chief medical officer/Jesus/my board/unions (as the case may be) told me that this is necessary. I had to do as I was told.

government ministers: The news from China was not good. We saw films of people dropping dead in the street and doors being welded shut by the People’s Liberation Army. How could we not act on this compelling evidence from such a trusted source? In addition, there have been numerous dire predictions from Imperial College experts and messages from well-meaning individuals like Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates telling us that drastic action is needed. Our actions have been guided by the unbiased and impartial members of Sage and any further questions should be directed to them.

To all politicians: When we went into lockdown I didn’t have much time to study the impact. As instructed, I joined my staff in isolation and when my computer went down I was unable to judge what was going on. My group leader or my union threatened me with all sorts of sanctions if I didn’t support the government. I did my best to help by providing the government with the names of people who could source equipment, and it wasn’t my fault that many of them turned out to be scammers. The lockdowns meant I couldn’t speak directly to any of my constituents, and as such I was unaware of the ill effects of the vaccines.

journalists: I was hired as a sports/motor/travel/garden correspondent (as the case may be). I’m not a virologist. My only qualification is a GCSE in Woodwork/Housekeeping/Animal Husbandry/Art (as the case may be). How was I to know that what Professors Whitty and Ferguson and the other said wasn’t true? Yes, I wrote that a million children would soon die from Covid-19 and it occurred to me that that was a slight exaggeration, but everyone else did too. I’ve been told that unless we get more money from Bill Gates and the government, the future of the newspaper is at stake. It’s true that I didn’t ask the politicians and their advisers probing questions, but that would have jeopardized my career and I have a budgie and two cats to take care of.

Mediciners: There was clearly no alternative to vaccinating millions of people. Yes the vaccines weren’t tested properly and yes some people complained about aching arms and things like that and yes it’s true that we made a lot of money by ignoring sick people to vaccinate the healthy ones but why shouldn’t we trust what Pfizer and the others have told us about their incredible product? The NHS is in constant crisis and we simply don’t have the time to research every new treatment that the pharmaceutical companies are recommending to us. The media has censored those scientists who have questioned the indiscriminate use of vaccines and the ZeroCovid approach, so how should we know vaccines aren’t 100% safe and effective?

clergy: Sometimes I asked myself: What would Jesus have done? I know he hugged the sick, chastised the arrogant, and sided with the poor, but he lived in a time when there were no scientists to tell him what was best to do. I have little doubt that had there been a halfway sane head in the Great Sanhedrin, Jesus would have avoided lepers and people like Lazarus altogether. He might not have gone so far as to shut down churches and demonize the unvaccinated, but to be perfectly honest, given the lack of diversity among the apostles and his failure to engage with the LGBTQ+ community in Palestine, I believe I don’t think we should pay too much attention to what Jesus said or did.

executives in the pharmaceutical industry: We were guided by our “godfather” Anthony Fauci. He has been engaged in gain-of-function research in Wuhan for many years. If something has ‘win’ in the title, it has to be good, right?

We were delighted that our friends in China provided us with the SARS-CoV-2 genetic sequence, which enabled us to develop our mRNA vaccines over drinks and pizza after a Frisbee game. Due to the urgency of the situation, we have been advised by regulators not to worry too much about testing. If the side effects you are claiming have occurred, it must be the fault of the FDA, the CDC and their European counterparts. You get what we pay for. We were just doing what we have been doing for many years and apart from a few fines hardly anyone has complained about our activities. Some said cheaper products like hydroxychloroquine would be enough to deal with the situation, but for reasons unrelated to us, there was a serious fire at the factory that makes the stuff. What is that supposed to mean? You don’t hear from these people anymore. We tend to think of ourselves as part of a big family, and if the family wants to give us some of their money to protect them, what’s wrong with that?

By the way, we know where you live… capisce?

Unions: The health and safety of our members came first. The teachers’ unions felt that the children were becoming high achievers and that they would be better off at home where they could learn more effectively by looking at a computer in their bedrooms for six hours or more. Before we allowed them to go back to school, we thought their welfare would be best served if the classrooms were freezing and the children were vaccinated and wearing masks all day. We were just as surprised as everyone else to realize that disrupting their education would lead to mental health issues, eating disorders, and family breakdown. Overall, however, we still believe that the children are safer at home and that we have done the right thing.

If these measures fail, plead insanity. If you’re male, say you’ve had a gender reassignment operation, as 30 years in a women’s prison will probably be less of a burden for you. If you are a woman, try to avoid prisons that take men claiming to be women.


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