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Can we create a better world with the power of our thoughts? The Austrian anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner was firmly convinced that every thought has its own structure of consciousness and sends certain impulses to the outside world.

That is, when the collective shares a thought, that thought grows, the structure of consciousness becomes larger and manifests the content of the thought. Thoughts are energy, they determine our life and our everyday life. From Frank Schwede

Have you ever asked yourself why the corona pandemic has been a constant topic in the media for almost two years now? The answer is simple because it is re-energized minute by minute from the constant reporting. It is not only omnipresent in the media, but also and above all in our thoughts.

Around the clock, Corona determines the thinking of millions of people around the world. In other words, if we were to banish the pandemic from our thoughts, no longer deal with it, Corona would no longer exist. This means that it is only our thoughts that manifest the measures and make them possible.

The pandemic is more or less a mass psychosis in the minds of the world population, which does not automatically mean that there is no infection process. Influenza infections are completely normal in the autumn and winter months, but we did not pay much attention to the infection process in the past, coughs, runny nose and fever were completely normal – the symptoms came and went. Hardly anyone has given it much thought.

Only those who pay special attention to the symptoms by thinking more than half of the day with the infection suffer really badly, because the constant thoughts do not lead to a cure, but rather to a worsening of the disease process.

I only draw into my life the things that I pay attention to, because thoughts are a pure form of energy, thoughts are therefore nothing more than a magnet with which I draw what I think into my life and manifest it . It works on a small as well as on a large scale, in a positive as well as a negative way.

This means that if we continue to pay attention to Corona and the associated measures, we will continue to remain in a kind of endless loop – we are literally stuck without us being aware of it. (C-Theater: Vaccination hunt for the healthy – our work for mother earth and her children (videos))

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It depends on the vibration

The real problem is that Corona has a negative vibration signature, because Corona is associated with a series of negatively vibrating, authoritarian measures that we can only end by changing the vibration signature, converting it into a positive one, almost overwriting it.

The vibration signature is roughly comparable to a barcode that contains information that only a scanner can capture, which is invisible to our eyes because we cannot decode it.Full throttle through the world change (videos))

If we change the negative Corona vibration signature to a positive one, this would result in positive changes. A signature change is possible through corresponding thoughts from a large number of people in the collective. The secret in this case is the sacred geometry of the vibrational patterns. Alexander Seifert from polygonissimo tv ssuggests the following sentence:

“All measures have been lifted, it’s a miracle.“

The secret behind this message is that the more we feel into this sentence and imagine that it is reality, the more power this message gets – because it then develops an enormously high power potential that it passes into the system.

The more people mentally concentrate on what this sentence says, the stronger the message becomes. Rudolf Steiner was convinced that every thought has its own structure of consciousness and triggers a certain impulse. If this thought is shared by a large number of people, then this thought grows and the structure of consciousness becomes larger and more powerful.

This can lead to change in certain areas of our life, within this structure of consciousness, which attracts further energy and reconnects with other energies.

The reason is because the subjective thought energy adds further force to the collective energy. The pandemic clearly shows that this can happen in both a positive and a negative sense.

In this context it is important to understand that the mental health of the individual as well as that of the collective depends crucially on external influences. This means that our psychological as well as our physical well-being is essentially determined by the shape of our thoughts.

The problem we are dealing with right now is that it is only the negative information that determines our thought picture. Whether this information is true is an essential, if not decisive, role.

For example, if the Corona news were of an optimistic nature, in which the joyful report of falling numbers of cases and healing successes, we would be dealing with a completely different situation.


The magic of thought

Thus the mass media bear a great responsibility without even being aware of it; because the fact is that the news dictates what we think, what we are occupied with all day.

If the news is positive, our thoughts are positive too, but if we only hear gloomy information the whole day, it clouds our thoughts because what we think is almost exclusively geared towards the content of the news, so we add energy to the content without us being aware of it.

Thoughts have magical powers, if we want to put it casually. This means, to express it symbolically, that people who see themselves as victims are in truth not victims, but only victims of external influences, through the implementation of negative thoughts. Indeed, that has something to do with magic.

That also answers the question of whether a black magic ritual actually has the effect it was supposed to have. The answer in this case is no. The ritual can only work if we focus on the ritual mentally – or rather, if we engage with the vibrational signature of the ritual.

This ancient knowledge has been withheld from mankind for thousands of years. It is a fact that every person has the necessary power and ability to change not only his own matrix through the energy of his thoughts, but also that of the collective in the outer world.

Someone who is in a constant cycle of negative thoughts will lead a miserable life because the negative thought spiral will not release them from the life crisis. We are currently experiencing the same problem with Corona.

Hardly anyone asks why the mass media have only been reporting negative news in connection with Corona since the beginning of the crisis. The answer is quite simple, because positive news would steer the course of events in a different direction, because a cause for hope would actually result in an end to all measures – and that is exactly what is not wanted.

If the matrix actually equates to a single great thought, then one automatically thinks of Plato, who was also convinced that there is an anima mundi, a world soul through which all living beings on our planet are connected to one another in the same way.

The chaos in which humanity finds itself is the result of a deeply torn and divided society that makes normality impossible in everyday life, a condition created by the constant supply of news.

The terrible truth in this context is that it is actually possible to completely mentally destroy completely healthy people in no time. We are currently experiencing this process with Corona. People who were still full of energy and with both feet in life in 2020 are only a shadow of themselves today. They are devastated and no longer know what to do next in their lives. This is particularly evident in children.

The fact that we are dealing with a distorted perception of Corona, triggered by consciously manipulated information, can no longer be dismissed out of hand. In addition, there is massive information censorship, which would be ruled out in the event of an actual health emergency. Everyone should finally be aware of this.

An artificially created crisis

So we are dealing with an artificially created crisis that is based on manipulation and suggestion. Many observers from the New Age scene like to speak of a black magic ritual in this context, which in a certain way they are right, but I would like to emphasize once again that black magic, like its counterpart, white magic, only occurs in Connection with the power of thought works.

A curse can only have its effect if we believe in it, belief in turn is the thought – and that’s exactly where the circle comes full circle. Why do politicians speak of corona deniers so often, why do they downright demonize this group?

The answer is simple because this group does not connect with the Corona thought energy and are therefore no longer supporters of the pandemic. Thanks to their scientific advisors, those responsible know very well that they need enough support from the population, i.e. corona believers who keep the matrix alive through thoughts of fear.

This is not a conspiracy theory, as is often claimed, but scientifically proven facts. Hypochondriacs know that the mere thought of a certain illness is enough to feel the corresponding physical symptoms.

Our entire universe is energy, without which no life is possible. Nothing can function without the supply of energy – neither a machine nor our body functions. Every gesture we make is energy.

If we now flip the lever of a machine with a hand movement, our energy sets another energy in motion, namely that of the machine. It works in a similar way with our thoughts. The energy of a thought sets another energy in motion through a corresponding impulse.

No matter what we concentrate on – for example the thought of a certain menu that might lead us to a certain restaurant during the day, where we get exactly the dish that we have focused on, what we have been in our minds for hours introduce.

And so the thought of a peaceful and just world for all of us can be enough to trigger a corresponding impulse in the collective so that this thought manifests itself and becomes reality.

Codex Humanus - The Book of Humanity

The same thing can happen with Corona. The thought, “all measures are canceled, a miracle has happened “, can trigger this miracle – after all, the good is stronger in the collective than the bad in the spirit of a small minority.

So let’s be strong and use the power of our thoughts to manifest a world of peace and freedom – without corona measures.


Codex Humanus – The Book of Humanity

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Sources: PublicDomain / Frank Schwede for PRAVDA TV on December 26th, 2021

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