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From Paul Craig Roberts: He is an American economist and publicist. He was assistant secretary of the Treasury during the Reagan administration and is known as a co-founder of the Reagan administration’s economic policy program.

The Kremlin has expressed concern about Russia’s security amid US bases and made it clear that Washington must address Russia’s concerns. But will Washington do that? Can Washington even do that?

The United States is ruled by monetary interest groups, the deep state, and lies. The lies concern everyone, not just the people, but also the deep state and monetary interests that pull the strings of politicians. As a result, the United States cannot conduct sound policies, domestic or foreign.

Domestic politics consists of demonizing the white majority as “racists” and “local terrorists”. Foreign policy is to use threats and coercion to create as many enemies as possible in order to secure the budget and power of the military / security complex.

The American Department of Propaganda is so successful that the deep state believes its own lies. Here is Anne Applebaum who plays the music of the deep state for patriotic ears on The Atlantic.

“The alarm bells are ringing,” alleged Presstitute Applebaum, “because of the public behavior of Russian diplomats and officials, including President Vladimir Putin, who have spent the past few weeks accusing the United States and its allies of non-existent aggression.” It is not aggression for the US to overthrow a democratically elected Ukrainian government living in peace with Russia, to arm the substitute Nazi government set up by Washington and to make the enemy of Russia created by Washington a member of NATO so that the US can have nuclear missiles on Russia’s border can station.

According to Applebaum or the deep state official who wrote the article for them, this is all a Putin fantasy. The real truth, according to Applebaum, is that “the only aggressor in the region is Russia”. The deep state line taken by Applebaum is that Putin intends to “destroy our alliances”, “undermine all democracies”, “smash NATO”. Destroying the European Union, forever removing American influence from Europe and everywhere else ”.

Uff! What an agenda. I’m pretty knowledgeable and I’ve never seen Putin say a word about it. All Putin has said is that we feel threatened by the West and we want you to stop.

Applebaum’s article is a compendium of the lies that underlie US foreign policy. These lies form the mindset of the US foreign policy establishment, a collection of Russophobes wallowing in the hubris of “American exceptionalism.” The entire Applebaum article aims to draw the White House’s attention to Putin’s demand that Washington respect Russia’s security concerns.

So what are the consequences? Biden is only partially there. He is not an actor. The situation has grown overwhelming for him. Who will deliver Biden his answer to Putin on Monday January 10th?

Given the neoconservative influence of the Zionists on US foreign policy, e.g. B. by Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland, Biden Putin to understand that we are listening to him and will continue to ponder the matter indefinitely.

If Putin, who has to portray the meeting as a “success”, accepts that Washington evade the issue, Washington will gain more time to find ways other than Kazakhstan to cause Russia border problems.

If, despite pro-Western Atlantic integrationists, Putin and the Kremlin see through the ruse in the Russian media, in Russian universities and in the government itself, they will conclude that Washington’s intent is to exacerbate Russian security concerns.

If Putin and Lavrov conclude that negotiations with the West are useless, the chances are the Kremlin may resort to its superiority in violence and put US bases in Ukraine, Poland and Romania at risk.

If Israel is able to destroy facilities in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon that it perceives as threatening, Russia can also destroy facilities in Ukraine, Romania and Poland – and everywhere else – that it perceives as threatening. The Russians have just as much right to security as the Israelis.

Applebaum’s article shows that the US military / security complex has a tough and unrealistic stance on Russia’s security concerns. When diplomacy fails, violence comes into play.


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