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Anti-Trump Rep. Adam Kinzinger’s father, Rus Kinzinger, is a Board Member of the World Soy Foundation. He starred in a promotional video extolling the virtues of soy that was uploaded to the World Soy Foundation’s YouTube channel in 2011.

The younger Kinzinger may be best known for his frequent uncontrollable, tearful, and emotional displays in the U.S. House, mostly delivered while denouncing 45th President Donald Trump, his voters, and other members of the Republican Party.

His father, however, is perhaps best known for his love of soy.

In a video for the World Soy Foundation, Rus Kinzinger extolled the virtues of the crop as he attempted to sell a new product that would allow farmers to process soy beans at their kitchen tables.

“They’re basically table top models that will allow soybeans to be turned into soy milk and other products,” said the elder Kinzinger.


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“It produces soy milk!”

Kinzinger is credited as Board Member of the World Soy Foundation in the video, and is otherwise credited as a consultant with The Talon Company.

On his LinkedIn account, Kinzinger identifies himself as “Principal & Consultant” at The Talon Company.

Kinzinger indicates he has been a consultant at this company – and ostensibly involved with the World Soy Foundation – since 2007.

Does this make Adam a Soy Boy?

“The soy milk has a decided advantage for young children in the developmental stages,” Kinzinger urged. “It provides tremendous nutritional benefit.”

“Very little that a corporation can do will have as much direct impact, I think, on the future,” said Kinzinger.

“Join me in donating to the World Soy Foundation.”

Adam Kinzinger, meanwhile, has bragged to Illinois farmers about bringing more soy production to the state.


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“The hardworking men and women of Illinois’ agriculture industry make our state a leading producer of corn, soybeans, and swine,” wrote Kinzinger on his House website.

“I have fought during my time in Congress to pass legislation to ensure the policies and regulations coming out of Washington, D.C. work for the average farmer.”

Further, the American Soybean Association has donated to Kinzinger’s campaign in every election since he began running for public office, including $1,000 for Kinzinger’s 2022 reelection campaign. Kinzinger ultimately decided not to run.

Since he began in politics, the American Soybean Association has donated nearly $20,000 to Kinzinger.

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