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33 percent believe that life will never return to normal.

A new poll shows a third of Britons believe the pandemic and any restrictions it entails will NEVER end.

Yes, really.

Two years after the pandemic began, the YouGov poll shows: “A third (33%) of Britons believe the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK will never really be over, while only 4% of Brits think it will the pandemic is really over. “

Another 41% believe it will be at least a year before the pandemic is over, while 21% believe it will be more than two years.

Since the appearance of the omicron variant, only 12 percent of British people believe that their lives have returned to normal.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is still being pressured to introduce more restrictions on people living in England, although numerous studies show that the Omicron variant is milder than previous tribes.

Like us already earlier highlighted, official figures from England show that 65% of people labeled “COVID patients” only tested positive for COVID after being hospitalized for something else.

Journalist Allison Pearson, citing NHS sources, has also revealed that only 5 percent of hospital beds in England are occupied by COVID patients and that “the total hospital occupancy is currently 89 percent” which is a decent winter for the NHS Number is.


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