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The biggest telcos are raring to go to unlock their upgraded 5G networks in the United States this January.

And this despite the fact that there is ample evidence that such an introduction could lead to health disasters and deaths.

Especially among those Americans who are fully vaccinated against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

Sean, the host of SGT Report’s online show (see video below), pointed out that there is evidence that the 5G towers are emitting a type of electromagnetic wave that can directly attack people’s bodies.

As evidence, he produced a video released to the public by La Quinta Columna.

The Spanish researchers from La Quinta Columna are notable for being the first to detect the toxic substance graphene oxide in the COVID-19 vaccines.

The Spaniards recently livestreamed a short clip of a man parking his bike right next to a 5G tower for a few seconds and then suddenly collapsing out of nowhere.

Ricardo Delgado, founder of La Quinta Columna and host of the videos, pointed out that the CCTV camera that recorded the man’s sudden collapse had a glitch in the video image less than a second before the incident.

Delgado speculated that this error may have triggered the man’s collapse and that it was caused by the 5G tower right next to him.

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dr Jose Luis Sevillano, a regular guest of Delgado, pointed out that this is clear evidence that the 5G towers are sending out some sort of pulse that directly affects people’s health.(5G, Graphene Oxide and the Climate Club: End the Regime of the Global Elite!)

“That’s the proof,” Luis said in Spanish.(A billionaire unpacks: The “plan” – if billions die, the tide of the vaccine narrative will turn)

“Because it’s no longer about the man imploding out of himself, there’s an external impulse that’s captured by the camera.”

“That would explain why so many people are suddenly dropping dead here and there now.”

“It looks like a gunshot, but it’s an electromagnetic pulse traveling at the speed of light,” Delgado said.

“And it gets caught on camera as a glitch, which is logical.”

Sean doesn’t think this impulse was a fluke.

“The interference in the video suggests that some form of electromagnetic pulse or energy weapon was used in the assassination of this man.”

COVID-19 vaccines could make people more vulnerable to 5G, say Delgado and Luis.

They are concerned that people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 may be more vulnerable to these electromagnetic pulse attacks because their bodies contain graphene oxide.

In July 2021, Spanish researchers from the University of Almeria discovered that almost all of Pfizer’s vaccine is made of graphene oxide.

This magnetic substance, when injected into a person’s system, can cause fatal health complications including liver and kidney damage.

“If the person in the video was vaccinated and already had graphene in the heart and he had exercised, that’s obviously the reason,” Delgado said.

He pointed out that the graphene most likely contributed to the man’s death.

“That was a pulse multiplied by graphs,” Luis added.

He further said that he had been getting more and more reports from patients of heart palpitations “because of the density” in the 5G waves.

Many of these patients have also reported experiencing a strange sensation in the area when they step outside.

“Like they’re in a spaceship,” Luis said.

“Or that they went to an alien planet.”

He said this feeling was due to the electromagnetic fields in the air caused by nearby 5G towers.

The least of their problems is that weird feeling when they step outside.

Luis remarked, “If the electromagnetic fields ever flashed like they do in this video, it would be catastrophic for everyone nearby.”

“They bring the functions of the body cells to a standstill.”

“People are losing consciousness,” Luis said.

“Some will recover and then say, ‘What the hell happened to me?’

But for some people, the process happens so quickly that they never recover.

You go into cardiac arrest and then it’s over.

If the person who was hit by the electromagnetic pulse from a 5G tower had graphene in their body through a vaccination, then they are significantly less likely to survive such an electromagnetic pulse.

Excerpt from the article: “Vaccines and nanotechnology: Tiny robots made of graphene should provide data about the body (video)

Control by graphene biocircuits

Almost the entire range of technology can now be used for both good and evil. In this case, graphene biocircuits would also be able to give those in power direct access to the consciousness of the population.

That means the idea of ​​introducing graphene-based substances into the human body in the form of vaccines, which self-assemble into biocircuits in the brain, isn’t all that far-fetched.

It has already been pointed out many times that 5G mobile technology should also serve to control the population and consciousness. So far it has not been clear how this is supposed to work in practice. In conjunction with the use of graphene biocircuits, the whole thing would make perfect sense.

If the technology is really that mature, governments would soon be able to control and control at least the vaccinated part of the population by sending certain signals from 5G cell towers to the test subjects.

Corresponding studies on mice have already proven that it works. The animals were injected with both SPIONs (Super Paramagnetic Iron Nanoparticles) for targeted drug transport in the tissue and magnetoproteins, which cause neuromodulation, i.e. brain control.

As far as the state of science goes. There are quite a number of doctors who deny that there are graphene or other nanoparticles in the corona vaccines. However, if one uses the Luxemburg study to evaluate this statement, it is immediately apparent that the vaccine cannot in fact be true, but above all the fact that an attempt is being made to cover something up.

But if that is not the case, as governments always explain, then the question arises why there is no free debate on this matter, why politicians and the mainstream media nip any form of criticism in the bud and everyone who dares the narrative contradict, is judged as a conspiracy theorist, aluminum hat wearer or anti-vaccination.

What if there is actually something to the statements made by the medical whistleblowers? What is the purpose of nanotechnology in vaccines? Many sides in the alternative network media claim that graphene oxide and other nanoparticles form an “operating system” that connects the wearer to the Internet and an artificial intelligence connected to it, which is able to read all available data from the nervous system in order to Being able to track and control people – possibly via 5G cellular technology.

All data can be read via a server – brain waves, heart rate, breathing rate and it can even be determined whether the person concerned is awake or asleep. While this may sound like a sci-fi fairy tale to many readers, the IMBRAIN research described above shows that this type of technology is already working and ready to be deployed.

The nanobots administered with the vaccine automatically migrate to the brain, where they fuse with nerve cells and gradually mutate into an artificial intelligence. The result is Human 2.0.

The future will show whether we are actually dealing with an extremely crude theory here – but by then it could already be too late. One fact is already certain: that there is no real health crisis here, as the population is still trying to make credible with tested incidence figures. The strange behavior of the government should give everyone food for thought.

A vaccine that doesn’t deliver on its promises and a witch hunt for skeptics and vaccinators are unprecedented in our history. It has never existed in this form before. Every person who thinks for himself automatically asks himself what the purpose of the action is.

People who allegedly contract the said virus despite multiple vaccinations, and who can of course also pass the infection on to others, can live almost completely normally, do not need to show a test and, of course, do not need to be placed under house arrest.

On the other hand, perfectly healthy unvaccinated people end up at the stake. What is really happening here?(Drainage of modern vaccines of spike proteins and graphene oxide (video))

There are only two logical explanations for the hoopla. Either a clever business model was implemented here by the pharmaceutical lobby with the aim of keeping the population in a kind of vaccination loop in order to earn billions in a relatively short time window – or we are actually dealing with a dystrophic future model of mankind to do – which cannot be dismissed out of hand, because there are enough statements that describe exactly that.

That we are dealing with a conspiracy against all of humanity is difficult for many to believe, but when the many small building blocks are put together, they could well reveal the terrifying mosaic of truth. …

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Sources: PublicDomain/arrangement-group.de am 18.01.2022

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