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Nothing about the alleged coronavirus (COVID-19) is based on facts and reasons, it seems. The whole thing is an exercise in fear and manipulation . Tackling these crimes against humanity requires much more than a single court case.
When you have crimes on such a large scale that they affect an entire population, you need to start looking at something bigger than a single court.

That is why we have to look at something on an international scale, there will be many people to be put in jail.

We will call this effort Nuremberg 2.0 (as we have done since February 2020) after the first Nuremberg Trials that occurred after World War II.

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EU leader Ursula Von Der Leyen calls for the elimination of the Nuremberg Code in favor of forced vaccination of all dissidents

IN AUSTRIA THOSE WHO ARE NOT VACCINATED WILL ALSO RISK JAIL. Hitler’s “Heirs” Imposing Experimental Serums in Scar in Nuremberg

STUDY ON PUBMED: “No subject of the drug trial has sufficient information to make an informed decision”. Violated the Nuremberg Code.

This whole thing about the pseudopandemia it’s a fraud. Fear, manipulation and ultimately fraud and death are driving it. We must rely on independent investigations by people with the authority to prosecute.

Omicron is a result of these vaccines: it is the “vax variant”

The last segment of the fraud it is the so-called “omicron” variant. Like the previous “delta,” the variant m oronic it is used to scare even more people into giving up their rights.

And all of this was planned long ago by the likes of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which uses much the same tactics to sell flu shots.

By constantly spreading the fear of a disease that suffocates or kills you, the CDC and its partners at Big Pharma and Big Media are able to convince millions of people to be injected with substances that provide no benefits, but only possible and as far as I’m concerned. , damage.

The CDC is actively collaborating with Big Pharma to lead this fear campaign for both flu shots and COVID vaccines.

Even the media do their part, indeed perhaps they are to be considered the real criminals, creating a “high level of concern and anxiety” also for the flu (easily interchangeable with Covid depending on the needs of the moment), COVID or whatever be the sickness of the day.

As we now know, everything has turned into death from COVID. This is how they were able to increase the numbers and scare millions of people, have them disguised, alienated, vaccinated and now again, all without questioning themselves.

The lawyer Renz in addition to documents already known has provided a series of very important documents:

• Papers of the Department of Defense (DoD) showing that the government tracks vaccination status based on race
• Whistleblower data shows COVID vaccines are far more deadly than the government admits
• Data shows COVID vaccine deaths are off the charts

“Attorney Thomas Renz is asking for an independent special prosecutor to investigate Dr.’s criminal and civil violations Anthony Fauci, FDA, CDC, DHHS and others such as the mainstream media and who was responsible for authorizing this deadly injection ”.



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