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The hardest thing to do in life right now is to resist the relentless social and political pressures to get vaccinated, be it for the first or third time.

In my experience, young people seem to have the least resources and the least resilience when it comes to peer bullying or the NHS. Yes, that’s what many doctors do when you call them about another health concern; one can be exposed to a 20-minute scaremongering on this subject.

If you are new to the following article, which one of our authors sent me, I can highly recommend it. As he says, it serves as an excellent defense to those who are pressured to get vaccinated and have reservations. It is a comprehensive list of 18 reasons why the author refuses to be vaccinated, starting with the fact that the vaccine manufacturers cannot be held liable to the “data gaps” presented to the FDA by the vaccine manufacturers, none Long-term safety tests, no informed consent, underreporting of side effects and deaths, the vaccines won’t prevent transmission or infection, the bloated Covid death toll, censorship and the total lack of scientific debate.

I was so impressed that I sent the report to a small group of young people I know who are just under that pressure. The immediate answer from one of them was, “I can’t deny any of this.

Instead of getting into an argument with someone, say, “After you’ve read this, we can have the discussion.

Here it is, and well worth reading and printing out.

A (still) two-faced friend to whom I gave the piece to read looked up and said to me in a low voice: “Had I read this piece in August, it would have confirmed all my suspicions and I would have been determined not to put up with the taunts. But better late than never. At least I won’t go along with the vaccination craze ”.


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