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The infectors are the vaccinated. It is very official, says theGerman Robert Koch Institute: the government organization responsible for infectious diseases. In relationship published yesterday, Thursday 30 December, writes that the 95.58% of the Omicron variant cases in Germany involve fully vaccinated subjects: 28% of them even with three doses. The unvaccinated represent only the 4,42% percent of cases.

In Germany, second and give del Sole 24 Ore 73.35% of the population received at least one dose of the e 70.4% received two. Dal portale Our World in Data is obtained moreover that 36.96% of the Germans (of the entire population, this time: no more than the vaccinated) also had the third dose.

Consequently, 26.65% of Germans are not vaccinated not even with a single dose. Unvaccinated people are therefore very rarely positive for Omicron. Deduction: it’s not just that Omicron’s vaccine is a mustache. It is much, much more …

This information provided by the Robert Koch Institute is about a sample of 4206 Omicron positive patients. Among them, 2,883 are vaccinated with a second dose; 1137 with three doses; and only 186 are not vaccinated.

Other data from the Robert Koch Institute concern i sintomi data from the Omicron Variant, which are generally very mild or even absent. In this case, the sample includes 6,788 people.

Of them, 54% had a runny nose, 57% cough, 36% sore throat. The report notes that 124 patients (1.83%) were hospitalized and four (0.05%) died. A percentage similar to that of “historical” influences.

The Italian government should take note of this, if only it had not caged itself inside a narrative that no longer holds. A narrative according to which the vaccine is indispensable and salvific while the unvaccinated are foolish and selfish because, in addition to getting sick, they make others sick.

Faced with German data, super green pass and super mega green pass collapse: vaccinated people make the virus run, apartheid makes no sense towards those who do not hold out their arm to the needle. Much less makes sense the terrifying narrative that would like to chase after and catch Omicron everywhere.

Be misled by reality, how long they will still want to deny that the benign Omicron doesn’t give a damn about vaccines and represents the light at the end of the tunnel: a light that is finally different from the lights of a train.



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