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The more we learn about vaccinations and omicrons, the more jarring the tones of politics. I’ll try to give you an overview of what has happened here, the reports are pouring in.

At the same time, more and more celebrities and politicians are trumpeting that everyone has to be vaccinated now, otherwise the world will almost end. The good, double vaccinated people now learn what it is like to be declared a mass murderer overnight. Are you now endangering the triple vaccinated? By Niki Vogt

Denmark: 83% of those who tested positive for the Omikron variant are fully vaccinated and boosted

But one thing at a time: Denmark has announced numbers: A study of 785 Danes who tested positive for Omikron showed that they did 655 were fully vaccinated or even received a “booster vaccination”. That is the equivalent of 83%. And that is exactly the same as Denmark’s vaccination quota.

In other words: the protective effect of the currently inoculated Vaccine is now zero and that in all age groups. the NDR even reports 84% ​​of those who have been vaccinated twice among the infected. It should now be 3,400 infected people. The national average is more than ten percent of all corona infections. Half of the Omikron cases are in the capital region of Copenhagen, so the proportion there is significantly higher.

Applause applause. The vaccination is of no use after less than a year for the variants that no longer have the target protein of the vaccine.

That was clear from the start and the (previously) internationally renowned expert Geert van den Bossche had accurately predicted exactly that, which is called immune escape. Big Pharma resented that and was immediately given the dreaded reputation killer addition “controversial”.

84 percent of Omikron cases are in people who are fully vaccinated. This roughly corresponds to their share in the population. Denmark has according to the European agency ECDC the best vaccination rate in Europe.

For this reason, all corona requirements were no longer applicable in Denmark from September to November. At first, the incidence continued to decrease. The tide turns with Omikron: Among the Omikron cases are even nine percent infected who have already received a third booster vaccination had received.

Even the RKI admits: “high corona risk for vaccinated and convalescent”

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The Robert Koch Institute even emphasizesthat people who have been vaccinated twice and those who have recovered are exposed to a “very high” risk because of Omikron. Politicians want to counter the feared omicron wave in the corona pandemic with contact restrictions also for vaccinated people, expected restrictions at events and club closings.Study in “the Lancet”: Majority of those infected and dead in D, UK, USA, Israel are fully vaccinated)

And yet it should continue to be vaccinated with all violence:

The federal and state governments want to keep the vaccination rate high. As can be seen from the draft resolutions, the aim is to achieve a further 30 million vaccinations (booster, first and second vaccinations) by the end of January. Vaccination offers especially for children are to be developed and expanded “if this has not yet been done”, “in order to enable them to have low-threshold access to vaccinations”.CIA Neurobiology Experts: Using RNA Vaccine To Control Human Brain (Video))

Do the twice vaccinated endanger the boosted?

Meanwhile, there is worrying news from the USA. One of the leading doctors in Ontario, USA, Dr. Kieran Moore (Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health) deals the double-vaccinated person a heavy blow. He strongly advises people who have taken the “third shot” against celebrating Christmas together with those who have been twice vaccinated – especially the older semesters.

When you want to interact (party together), I would do this outdoors with masking and distancing. I hope the weather across Ontario remains reasonable to make this possible because I think we must all learn in the past 20 months to best protect those “those who are older in our communities,” said Moore when asked if it was worth the risk of seeing a grandparent with three doses over the holidays. I’m sorry to recommend that. “

Here is another interesting one Statement from Ontario on the effectiveness of the vaccination:

“Dr. Peter Juni, scientific director of the Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table, said Wednesday that six months after the second dose, a person is likely to be as highly infected as someone who has never been vaccinated. He added that at this point the entire definition of vaccination needs to be changed to include the third dose. “

One wonders how it can be that those who have just been vaccinated three times can still be infected, especially by those who have been twice vaccinated?

Well, the British “Daily Skeptic” writes an article that refers to the original data from the British health system, check it out here.

According to statistics from the British government (Office for National Statistics, which is what we call the Federal Statistical Office), the probability that people who have been vaccinated three times will receive a positive test (infection) with Omikron is four and a half times higher than those who have not been vaccinated. (With the onset of booster vaccinations, excess mortality increases significantly)

The realization that the effectiveness of the vaccination decreases every week has actually reached everyone. Nevertheless, the drumming continues for the vaccination. And the Numbers of these statistics show also that people who have been vaccinated twice are 2.3 times more likely to be infected with Omikron than those who have not been vaccinated. However, these numbers apply specifically to the Omicron variant and not to a Covid infection in general.

As I said, the Omikron variant has an important protein that the vaccinations are not targeting at all in the genome and is therefore not recognized by the vaccinations. And since the so-called vaccinations, which are actually an experimental gene therapy, change and damage the human immune system in the long term, those who have been vaccinated are particularly at risk from Omikron. Especially the triple vaccinated. This can be clearly seen from the relevant statistics from the Office for National Statistics:

The numbers completely disprove claims that the Omicron outbreak was a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”. As Will Jones also documents in this article, claims that the NHS hospitals are being overrun by the unvaccinated are not supported by any actual evidence. Just like with us, the British Minister of Health blames the unvaccinated for the outbreak.How they want to kill billions with the flu: Covid vaccines lead to failure of the “AIDS” immune system (video))

Double vaccination weakens the immune defense against Omikron

Obviously, the first vaccine manufacturers are already getting fracked. While Pfizer bravely claims that its vaccination also offers protection against Omicron, Moderna already admits that a double vaccination, according to available laboratory data, only provides a weak immune response to the Omicron coronavirus.So writes Peter Haisenko on Anderwelt:

“In a small, slightly hidden, press release it is plainly stated that those who are doubly” protected “with the Moderna vaccine have damaged their natural immune system to such an extent that it can hardly defend itself against Omikron. US researchers, including staff from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Moderna, also write:

“That could lead to an increased risk of Covid disease.” Please note: We do not specifically speak of an “Omicron disease”, but rather of a Covid disease in general. They claim to have found that out in a study. Isn’t it amazing how quickly such a “study” can be presented when we only heard about this new variant for the first time a few weeks ago?

Where there is hardly any data available to date and the alleged country of origin South Africa only reports particularly mild courses that almost do not have to be treated in hospital? “(Leading doctor says Covid “vaccines” are intentionally designed to reduce the world’s population)

It says: “The number of against Omikron directed antibody increased significantly about two weeks after a booster vaccination with Moderna. A booster vaccination could significantly reduce the risk of the disease. “Nightingale, I can hear you trap! And again the subjunctive “can” and what is a “significant increase”? And again the question arises, how did they find that out?

This “study” should have started at least three weeks ago, almost before Omikron even reached the American continent. How do you know how this will play out in a month or two? Yes, modern “science” has more and more surprises in store.(A Billionaire Unpacks: The “Plan” – When Billions Die, The Tide Will Turn On The Vaccine Narrative)

Even if linguistic “could” and other conjunctives are used to advertise: the vaccines offer little protection and are constantly losing their effectiveness. Even the system media, such as “Deutsche Welle”, cautiously admit it:

Vaccinated people can also become infected because Omikron can bypass the protective effect of the existing vaccines. It remains unclear whether the new variant really leads to milder courses. (…) It is also worrying that Omikron can partially bypass the protective effect of the existing vaccines. This means that vaccinated and boosted people can also become infected with Omikron, because the most recent studies all show a strong, approximately 40-fold reduced neutralizing effect of antibodies after various combinations of vaccinations and natural infection. This means that they cannot bind the virus well and thus prevent entry into the human cell – i.e. infection. Omikron thus has the potential to partially escape the body’s immune response. (…)

According to Axel Sigal, professor at the Africa Health Research Institute in South Africa, the neutralization of the COVID variant by the active ingredient from BioNTech-Pfizer has “decreased significantly” compared to an earlier Corona strain. Accordingly, the vaccine only offers partial protection against Omikron.

The head of the US vaccine manufacturer Moderna, Stéphane Bancel, also assumes a “considerable decrease” in the protective effect. After all, 32 of the 50 mutations in Omikron concern the spike protein with which the coronavirus penetrates cells.

They now want to improve on Omikron, says Moderna and Pfizer. But the new one Omicron vaccine will not be ready until the summer be added as a precaution. (Elimination in modern vaccinations of spike proteins and graphene oxide (video))

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