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Nearly 77% of Americans believe our society and culture is in a “state of decay,” according to a new poll from the Trafalgar Group and Convention of States Action. 

Only 10% think we’re in a “state of progress,” which is less than the 13% said they were “unsure.” 

The survey polled 1,076 likely voters between Dec 17 and Dec 21.

If you listened to the media, you’d think with all the “glass ceilings” being shattered that America has never been stronger. 

Only 10% of Americans actually believe that bulls**t.

How are our overlords planning to turn this ship around? 

Judging by their comically embarrassing Jan 6 anniversary extravaganza, they think they can unite the country behind them by crying about their supposed victimhood

Good luck with that!

We’d all better start preparing for collapse! 


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