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from Arthur Firstenberg
translation©: Andreas Ungerer

January 5, 2022, Cell Phone Task Force
While the frightened world’s attention has focused on a virus and concerns about 5G radiation on the ground, the attack on the sky has reached astronomical proportions. In the past two years, the number of satellites orbiting the earth has increased from 2,000 to 4,800, and a spate of new projects has brought the number of operational, approved and planned satellites to at least 441,449. And this number only includes satellites in near-earth orbit (LEO), i.e. those located in the ionosphere.

The satellite projects include those listed below. The companies that operate them are based in the United States, despite other information.

17,270 satellites are already from the U.S. Federal Communications
Commission * (FFC) approved:

  • Amazon (Kuiper) – 3,236 satellites
  • Astro Digital – 30 satellites
  • Black Sky Global – 36 satellites


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