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by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog:

Financial writer, market analyst and precious metals expert Craig Hemke says there is only one certain thing you can say about the economy in 2022, and that is “Don’t buy the lie, the Fed does not have inflation under control.”  Everything else is a huge wild card.  We start with the stack of unpredictable things that Hemke sees, and he explains, “I think, economically, you can tell where we are headed, but anyone who can predict what 2022 is going to be like politically is crazy.  This is going to be a wild unpredictable year.  It will be volatile.  If anything, this is an election year in Congress.  All of the House and a third of the Senate and control of that agenda is up for grabs.  You know we are going back down the path of allegedly ‘peaceful demonstrations’ that come with it.  Then you’ve got inflation, supply chain disruptions and all these empty shelves.  What if that gets worse?  Then you have societal disruptions from hungry people.   Then everybody around the world has been sold this story that the vaccines are going to keep you out of the hospital, and they are going to keep the disease mild.  All that is being walked back now.  What if it turns out the vax has done more harm than good?  God only knows how the whole world will revolt.   If it is discovered in 2022 that the vaccines globally have done more harm than good, which is entirely possibly because it is new technology being used for the first time . . . . If it turns out that way, people are going to freak out. . . . If there are millions of people marching in the streets, the governments are not going to say, oh well, we screwed up.  You think they are cracking down now?  What do you think the crackdowns are going to look like nine months from now?”

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So, it’s safe to say the entire CV19 vax and virus story is going to be the wildest of wild cards.  What Hemke can predict is the actions of the Fed in terms of fighting inflation and ending the easy money policies.  Considering the trillions of dollars in exponential money creation and debt, can the Fed make a wrong move and blow up the system cutting off liquidity and raising rates?    Hemke says, “Could they lose control?  Yes.  Will they?  Well, not yet, and that is all part of the challenge in forecasting, and that is you don’t know when that rubber band will reach that breaking point. . . . We’ve got $30 trillion in debt, and they have been able to reduce the interest rate paid on that debt.  The interest on that national debt is about $500 billion with an average interest rate of 1.6%.  So, when people say interest rates are going to go to 3% or 4%, what’s the interest going to cost — $1.2 trillion?  The whole thing spins than much out of control. . . . They cannot, cannot afford for that to happen. . . . Don’t buy the lie that the Fed has this under control and they are going to raise interest rates.”

The bottom line is Hemke says expect more inflation because the Fed cannot raise interest rates to fight it.

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