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I have good news and bad news for you.

The bad news is (as attentive readers of the Corbett Report by now know) that 2021 was the beginning of the apocalypse.

We are trampled and screaming in the dark future vision the „Great Resetter“ drawn.

We will be in the throat of the Great convergence fed in, on the way, Designer people to become.

The markets are (still) manipulated and we come to that CBDC nightmare getting closer while the War on cash goes on.

the „Science Says“-Gang, led by „The Real Anthony Fauci“, has the Pseudopandemia on their way to building the Biosicherheitsstaates continued.

And, oh yeah, by the way, the “Corbett Report” is no longer on YouTube to see (Phew!).

But here’s the good news: 2021 was the start of the apocalypse.

Confused? Take it easy!

In modern English, the word “apocalypse” usually means a catastrophic turn of events or a catastrophic ending, but that is not the original meaning of the word. Like the “Online Etymology Dictionary” explained, our English word “Apocalypse” comes from the Greek apocalyptein, from apo- (“away, away from”) and kalyptein (“to cover, to hide”). So, an apocalypse is literally a great revelation or revelation.

So who can deny that what we’ve seen over the past two years is an apocalypse?

The much-touted #GreatAwakening may end up being nothing more than Q-Hoffnium have turned out, but I have heard from many people in the past two years who recent events have opened their eyes to. During this time I have seen an enormous increase in people looking for alternative sources of information. And I’ve met more die-hard normal people who are now ready to question long-believed truths about how the world works than I could have ever dreamed of in 2019.

Of course, there are also those who got stuck on the nonsense and decided that their identity is to be the sheep, that bleats the loudest. The rise of the biosecurity state makes it clear how many people are willing to do anything the “authorities” tell them if they give them a pat on the head (or a free donut?) to get. And now that house arrest and quarantine camps are a reality, we are experiencing the reversal of long-standing cultural norms, where “Petzen is rewarded” and “Your Body, Their Choice“This is the new watchword.

But this, too, is part of the great revelation that is taking place. It is becoming increasingly clear who is on our side of the line and who will never be on our side on this battlefield. As James Evan Pilato in „New World Next Year 2022“ so emphatically stated that there is no longer any possibility of hiding behind polite words and agreeable niceties; those who have gone through this madness have sidelined themselves.

No, this is not a happy or joyful thing. It tears families apart, lifelong friends against each other, and for many it’s the end of the world … or at least the end one World. But as bad as these times are and as uncomfortable as these events are, it’s not all bad.

Like me already established in 2017, the relative deadlock of the past 75 years has only ensured the slow and steady growth of the New World Order, and only a time of chaos and disorder can potentially derail that agenda.

In times like these, when the icy status quo has liquefied and everything is in flux, we have the chance for real change. I can attest that over the years I have watched more and more people break away from the matrix and begin to learn the truth about false flag terrorism, central bank fraud, the creeping police state and other vital issues. Often times they were awakened from their slumber by a great shock to the system: a 9/11, a Lehman collapse, or some other chaos-causing event. And so those who sow the chaos can reap the whirlwind of an increasingly awake public that rejects the wrong solutions that the so-called “elite” are trying to impose on them.

The “shock doctrine” with which the would-be world rulers manipulate the global chessboard opens the eyes of those who have been slumbering peacefully up to now. I know that not just from observation, but from experience. I can think of an alternate timeline in which 9/11 never happened and therefore I never started with the “Corbett Report”.

And as sure as I was convinced of the truth of this observation half a decade ago, I am even more so now. Many are being roused from their slumber by the Apocalypse, just as I was roused from mine many years ago, and the great revolt I referred to in New World Next Year is taking shape.

Yes, it is important to understand that the apocalypse we are currently living through is necessary if we are to create a new system that will encourage, not hinder, human flourishing. I could leave it at that, wish everyone their usual holiday greetings and say goodbye to this leading article … but that would be too easy.

See, I don’t have a crystal ball and I can’t guarantee that the apocalypse will lead to the better world we want to bring about. I’m sure some will reply (without realizing that I agree with them) that this apocalypse, this great revelation, was itself engineered. Perhaps they will also insist that it is not revelation (in the sense of enlightenment) but rather revelation (in the sense of judgment and the end times). That all we experience are the trumpets that herald the beginning of the tribulation.

But even if that were the case, what would be the case? If life itself is a test of what we are made of, as some claim, what greater test could we wish for than this? And if it is such a test, what criteria would we use to judge our response to it? How comfortably we can live in a realm of lies? How many superficial fair-weather friends we can make? About our ability to bury our heads in the sand or to flee into the woods and avoid the apocalypse itself?

Or by living now By facing these events directly and taking a stand? By bearing witness to future generations of the dynamic human spirit that continues to resist even in the face of the greatest adversity?

This is the great “apocalypteine” that we experience: the discovery of our true selves. We are given the chance to see who we really are and what we are capable of. Look forward to it.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone. I’m not going to pretend I have any idea what to expect in 2022, but I can assure you that the apocalypse has begun.


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