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Sarah Jessica Blattner, a 14-year-old Israeli-American girl with a pre-existing medical condition, died in sleep on October 12, allegedly of a heart attack, after receiving a dose of Pfizer’s vaccine five months earlier.

Her parents decided three months after her death to finally speak up and tell the public not to vaccinate their children. In her case it was a big “mistake”.

Blattner was diagnosed with cancer when she was nine months old. She survived and has lived cancer-free for 11 years, as she announced on Twitter in 2020.

In a Facebook post, Blattner’s mother, Ilana, announced that they had to give her the COVID vaccine because her health was at risk. “It was important for us to give her the vaccine because she has poor lung capacity due to a scoliosis (curvature of the spine) that developed at a young age (due to an oncological disease that she suffered from until she was two years old) . “

Before Blattner received the vaccine, she had an operation to improve her leg rest and posture. She was able to walk a day after the operation.

A week after the vaccination, she suddenly couldn’t stand or walk. Her doctor admitted that it was a neurological phenomenon related to the vaccine and that it would pass. She also complained of a bad heartbeat a few days before she died. Her doctors assumed she was likely having a heart attack.

Blattner’s father commented on the video she recorded five days before her death and advised not to vaccinate anyone under the age of 24,

She was our wonderful angel. Full of ambition, energy, passion and love. Her life was ahead of her … the pain is unbearable. Make sure that nobody under the age of 24 is vaccinated. There is no medical benefit and, in our case, a total loss ……

The death of Jessica Blattner was from Riverside Gordon Memorial Chapels in Miami, FL, was publicly announced.


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