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An elementary school student in Jombang, Indonesia died less than 24 hours after receiving the Pfizer vaccine. Muhammad Bayu Setiawan, 12 years old, received the vaccination on December 27th and passed away the night after he suddenly became ill.

Muhammad was originally supposed to receive the COVID vaccination at his school on December 23rd. However, he was not able to get the vaccine until Monday, December 27, as he was recovering from another medical procedure (circumcision) that he underwent on December 19.

In the middle of the night of December 27th, just a few hours after the vaccination, the sixth grader fell ill and developed a high fever that resulted in sudden vomiting. His parents then took him to the Mayangan Health Center around 4:00 a.m., where he was pronounced dead shortly afterwards.

Despite the short span between Muhammad’s vaccination and his death, the regent of Jombang, Mundjidah Wahab, had the audacity to announce to the media and family members just two days later that his death had nothing to do with the Pfizer vaccine, and he gave no details about it told how he came to this conclusion.

Wahab told reporters after the boy’s funeral on December 29:

I am here today to offer my condolences to parents and their families. But it has to be explained that this is not due to the vaccine. The vaccine is intended for the health of citizens and our community.

Currently we are focused on school-age children aged 6-11 and vaccination is being carried out all over the world. Allah Most High willed it.

The regent’s shocking denial comes after Lecce prosecutor Donatina Buffelli, “no connection” between the Death of the 14-year-old girl Majda El Azrak and the administration of the second dose of Pfizer’s vaccine.

El Azrak had received her second vaccination on August 17th and a day later complained of severe discomfort and pain. On August 20, she was admitted to the intensive care unit of the Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bari, where she died 26 days later.

The outrageous denial of the public and health authorities around the world that there is a link between these sudden deaths of healthy young children just days or weeks after vaccination will fuel distrust of governments and their regulatory systems around the world .

A video report on the Muhammad case from the Indonesian news agency KompasTV is here at the end of the article.


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